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We can lay claim to producing a highest distinctive product in our region.
That’s thanks to the strong and durable hardstone basalt that we extract from our quarry and process in our aggregate production plant. We spent a high amount upgrading this facility recently, ensuring we operate at the cutting-edge of the mineral processing business.
In consequence, we can produce more aggregates than ever before, making the best possible use of raw materials to minimise waste and enhance operating efficiency.
Added to our strong ethos of customer service and a commitment to delivering on our promises, the result is an aggregate supplier that is trusted and respected throughout the industry.

A Variety Of Applications

Hillkurd hardstone basalt has a minimum PSV (polished stone value), making it the best source of surface-course aggregate in the region.  In fact, Hillkurd is in the heart of Jordan for these products – giving us a wide geographical reach for our products.
Using our up-to-date production facility, we put extracted aggregate through an extensive crushing and screening process. As a result, we’re able to produce both single-size and blended aggregates, as well as other products such as Sub-Base, Pipe-Bedding and Scalpings.  So whatever your needs, you can be confident that our aggregates will meet your specifications.

Formation Materials

In addition to producing a full range of aggregates we also manufacture a range of other dry-stone products which we call Formation materials. These include Sub-base and crusher-run materials.
Formation materials are produced at the Hallabat Quarry of estimated sqm 2 million of Basalt, using latest production processes to ensure we are able to meet demand and specification. The quarry is equipped to produce over 3,000 tonne of these materials every day making the complexity of these operations almost like a quarry within a quarry.
The reason why our quarry is often referred to as the best Quarry Complex is in fact due to there being three quarry’s which are located next to each other, and for simplicity, we refer to the whole operation as one site.


We have the construction, the cranes and the forklifts and mining equipments you need. And something even more important – our commitment to stay with you until the job is done. We don’t hang up our hat until you say it’s quittin’ time.


Hillkurd Co. was founded in 2016, when three entrepreneurs decided to diversify into the quarrying industry.

Hillkurd spotted a burgeoning market for construction materials, and was quick to capitalize on it.

Hillkurd could acquire the best basalt quarry in the region and the quarry continues to provide the high-quality stones that have become our stock in trade.